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Fertility After 30: Not Your Business

I never know what to write about, how can I come up with anything to write 500 words about like right now I am supposed to be writing about the perfect picnic but I am watching Dear Greyson on YouTube and Alex just gave birth to her second child.

Now all I can think about is how on mother’s day at work people always ask “Do you have kids?” and when I say “No” They either say “Aw I’m so sorry” “You better get on that you aren’t getting any younger” or “You are so lucky count your blessings” I always just smile at them or laugh it off but I hate it so much.

It’s like you random stranger who do you think you are to pass judgment on my life in any way what so ever who are you to tell me how to feel who are you? For your information, I do want to have kids but I haven’t been lucky enough to have any children.  It’s not that I don’t want kids I have tried and I am trying to figure out what is going on as to why I haven’t but I don’t really want to get into that with every person I meet.

Here is the thing you shouldn’t ever comment on a woman’s fertility ever it’s rude.

You don’t get to tell me how I should feel or that I should get on it. Women with fertility issues don’t want your pity or need your constant reminder that they are not able to conceive as easily as you are and how dare you say that I am blessed to not have children. I know I don’t really advertise to the world that I want kids because I don’t want to hear the “Aww poor thing” I don’t want your pity I just need you to mind your business and mind your manners.

No one ever says any of this stuff to men it’s just like whatever if a man has kids or if he doesn’t it just is what it is. So why is it like that for women? Why are women judged on when and how they became a mother? Why are women judged on fertility? It’s hard enough being a woman in this society without the constant pressure to become a mother as quickly as possible.

I know how old I am, thank you very much I know I am not getting any younger I know the risks get bigger the older I am. I know all of this. I am going to keep trying to figure out why I have not had kids yet and once I figure out what’s causing the issue maybe I can resolve the issue if not I will adopt.

Long rant I know but this is something I am tired of hiding and being made to feel shame about. I am not going to hide this anymore I am going to a doctor in a couple of weeks who is going to hopefully be able to tell me what is going on and point me in the right direction to help me get pregnant when the time is right. So now that this is out to the world, I guess I will keep you all updated on that. Welcome to my fertility after 30 series.

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