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Single? 5 Easy Ways To Make This The Best Valentines Day Ever!!

Are you single and thinking this is going to worst day ever because there is absolutely nothing in this world sadder than being alone on Valentine’s day?  I mean how pathetic to be all alone and not have anyone to buy you candy and flowers and make you breakfast in bed so sad right? To be so alone and watching all those happy couples on Instagram Facebook and out in the world might as well curl up in a ball under the covers watch sappy movies on Netflix all day and stalk your ex on social media right?

First of all, STOP being so dramatic! Stop looking at other people’s lives and start looking at your own. Stop worrying about what your ex is doing or what your crush got his girlfriend for valentine’s day. JUST STOP! You are a strong beautiful independent person and you got this! Get out from under those covers right now and stop looking at your crush’s girlfriend’s posts most of her stuff is private anyway. It is not the end of the world you are not the only person alone today. This may be your first Valentines day alone or your hundredth but either way, you got this. Let me help you I am a pro at this I very rarely have a date for Valentine’s day it’s probably been like 10 years honestly and I am ok with that because I am ok being alone with myself and my thoughts. Don’t get me wrong I have been known to stalk my ex social media to see how their life is without me but I am happy for most of them that they have such happy lives and have found the love that they have. I have even been known to look up a crush’s girlfriend, baby mama or ex too. Hey nobody is perfect especially me.

Here are 5 easy ways to make this the best Valentines Day ever!

  1. Wake up early so you can go get breakfast to go from your favorite restaurant
  2. Set up your breakfast in bed take a picture for Instagram #myownvalentine
  3. Go buy all the marked down candy at the closest store grab you some of those tiny bottles of wine too.
  4. Go home gather up all your blankets pillows sheets and hit the laundromat
  5. Eat candy drink wine and enjoy the peace and quiet while using all the good washers and dryers because everyone else is either home feeling sorry for themselves or out on dates because they are #soinlove

Live your best life and live it for you and yes sometimes living your best life means eating a ton of candy and drinking tiny bottles of wine you have hidden in your purse while you do laundry and maybe flirt with some random guy at the laundromat because you are a little buzzed from all the wine and sugar you have consumed. Actually, scratch that last bit stay away from the laundromat I want to do my laundry in peace. Go to the library instead its quite there too.

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