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College and Sexual Health

This post is done in collaboration with UK  LloydsPharmacy as part of their Talking Health Campaign #TalkingHealthMag to get more men talking about their health.

I recently got an email from a young guy who is heading off to college in the fall this is what the email said.

Hey B,

I know you used to teach sex ed classes and I was wondering if you might possibly have some tips for me. I am leaving home for the first time and I’m a little nervous ok a lot nervous about the college academics I get but um girls not so much. I don’t plan on being a virgin my whole life its just how it has turned out this far mainly because I am terrified of knocking someone up! My friend from school has a kid because the girl lied about being on birth control. He loves the kid but I’m just not ready for that in my life! I mean obviously, I know about condoms but it’s so awkward to bring up especially if its just a hookup. Help!!


This was my response and I thought I would share it with you because this is something you all need to hear. Young, old, gay, straight and everything in between. I am talking to all you guys out there.

Hey L,
I know you didn’t just say it is awkward to talk about protection with a hookup! You know what is awkward telling your future wife that you have Herpes or HIV because you thought it would be uncomfortable to talk to a girl in college about the last time she was tested and you thought it would be weird if you insisted on a condom. A baby is the least of your worries! Wrap it up! I know a lot of guys don’t want to buy condoms at the store because of the reaction they get from the cashier so buy them and any other types of contraception from reputable online pharmacies such as LloydsPharmacy .Your health is important!
If you find it too awkward to have a conversation about safe sex with your sexual partners including one night stands then you should not be having sex! In order to have a happy healthy life, you need to be responsible for your health. Use condoms and talk to your doctor about PrEP if you are going to be sexually active. There is nothing wrong with having an active sex life as long as you are safe and get tested regularly. Even with condoms and PrEP it is smart to get tested often and you should always share your results with all sexual partners and always ask their HIV/STI results and when they were last tested. Living a healthy life now will ensure that when you fall in love one day that you won’t have to have a really awkward conversation with your future life partner.
Follow 4 simple rules when it comes to playing the field.

  1. Get tested often and make sure your partner is tested
  2. Ask questions first
  3. Get enthusiastic consent– drunk or under the influence of drugs don’t have sex.
  4. Wrap it up every time.

If you can’t talk about sex then you shouldn’t be having sex period!

Hey, ladies what I told him goes for all of you too! If you want to live a happy healthy life grow up stop giggling and talk about sexual health.

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