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Family History

I took a picture today and thought sometimes I look at myself and I can see my family history written in my DNA.  Today I look very Cherokee my eyes always show my Cherokee heritage but today my cheekbones were showing and my skin looked tanned and even as opposed to my usual Irish pale reddish skin.

My Great-great-great grandmother was Cherokee she was married to a white man and had children.  When the government came to collect the names of the natives she did not put her name on the rolls out of fear that she and her husband would be killed and her children would be shipped off to one of those awful schools they forced native children into. Interracial marriage was against the law and their marriage was illegal.
My family history is written my DNA even if we are not on the rolls, no old document can prove or disprove my heritage. Our families history has been passed down on my mother’s side Cherokee, English, and Irish. We can trace it back for more than 10 generations.
My father’s side is a bit of a mystery. I know that there is English and German but for the rest, I’m not sure. I can only go back as far as my great grandparents on his side and that is even a little vague. Maybe one day a DNA test will tell me my history on my father’s side.
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